Product Details:Angara Item # SR0271SMetal: Yellow Gold Gemstone Information:Number of Oval Sapphire : 1Approximate Dimensions : 7 X 5 mmApproximate Carat Total Weight : 1 ctsQuality Grade Natural : A Diamond Information:Number of Round Diamond : 23Approximate Dimensions : 1, 1.5 mmApproximate Carat Total Weight : 1, 1.5 ctsQuality Grade Natural : A * Sapphire

Product Details:
Angara Item # SR0271S
Metal: Yellow Gold

Gemstone Information:
Number of Oval Sapphire : 1
Approximate Dimensions : 7 X 5 mm
Approximate Carat Total Weight : 1 cts
Quality Grade Natural : A

Diamond Information:
Number of Round Diamond : 23
Approximate Dimensions : 1, 1.5 mm
Approximate Carat Total Weight : 1, 1.5 cts
Quality Grade Natural : A

* Sapphire Quality Grade-Good(A):Top 75% of sapphires in terms of quality. Dark blue and opaque. This quality is comparable to that used by mall jewelry and chain stores.

* Diamond Quality Grade(A):Top 50% of diamonds in terms of quality. J Color and I2 clarity. This quality is comparable to that used by mall jewelry and chain stores.

* Higher Quality Philosophy – Our jewelry is meant to last for generations. The focus is on maximizing beauty rather than on saving gold or gemstone weight by reducing quality. While our competitors have reduced weight to 2-3 grams for most products as gold costs have gone up, our average product weight remains at 3-5 grams. Even if this philosophy and commitment to fine jewelry costs us more, we believe that the customer will be much happier as a result.

* The mentioned stone size is minimum and it could vary. The stone’s ct. wt. is same as mentioned in product details.

Product Features

  • Gorgeous Angara Gift Box comes with every purchase.
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